Any Questions?

After the exclamation point, the question mark has been by far the most necessary punctuation in my years in the classroom.  I’ve used it to gauge prior knowledge, engage students in inquiry and assess learning at the end of a lesson.  I’ve written them on the board, in margins and on exams, and listened to … More Any Questions?

Defusing the Time Bomb of Skill Development in India

Thanks to a 1980’s tv show, Americans have a word for when you use ingenuity to put together incongruous items to solve a challenge, like defusing a bomb with chewing gum or opening a locked door with a potato.  To Macgyver something is to make it work, despite lacking the proper tools and resources needed. … More Defusing the Time Bomb of Skill Development in India

Making Change in India

Change is hard in India. No, not the profound and endemic change that so many individuals, organizations, and NGO’s here are working towards- you can see evidence of that almost everywhere you look. Instead, I’m talking about how challenging it is to break one large bill into smaller currency that can actually be circulated in … More Making Change in India

Ready to Work

After over a week of settling into Mumbai, filling out paperwork and meeting with my guest institution, it’s finally time to get to work.  That also happens to be the theme of my research here- how to best get students ready for the workforce. Workforce readiness comes through many different pathways, both here in India … More Ready to Work

Islands Within Islands

Mumbai’s first residents were thought to be deep-sea  fisherfolks, called the Kolis, who lived on what were originally seven islands along the shores of the Arabian Sea.  Over the centuries, Hindu dynasties, Muslim conquerors, Portuguese and British trading companies, and eventually the British government filled in the spaces in between- both figuratively and quite literally, … More Islands Within Islands

Why Industry Should be in the Education Business

What is the ultimate rationale of an education? It depends a lot on who you ask. Many parents might say it’s about recognizing the whole child and helping them develop to their greatest potential. Most schools have vision statements around creating engaged, lifelong learners. Voters may feel it’s about developing an informed and literate democracy. … More Why Industry Should be in the Education Business